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It’s your time to heal, grow, connect and build a life worth living.  We are passionate about helping you create space within your daily routine.  A space where nothing but wellness, joy, harmony and peacefulness lives.   Restore your body by reducing stress with our services, classes and workshops.  They are created with you in mind.

This is our mission… To create purposeful pausing.


Massage Therapist / Reiki

Liana ``Li``

Massage Therapist / Reiki


Body Work/ Yoga Instructor


Massage Therapist / Reiki Master


Massage Therapist / Yoga


Massage Therapist / Reiki

Kristen Sparks

Creative Director / Owner


Massage Therapist / Reiki

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5 Ways To Mindfully Pause With Ease

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:::Mindful Pausing::: Taking a step back from the daily grind and just being. No expectations, no place to go, no need to hurry. Mindful Pausing Truth #1 Work with your body’s rhythm.  You are by nature, either a morning person or a night person.  Or…

4 Week Series: Introduction to Meditation

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Introduction To Meditation Join us in this Four Week Series to explore the wonders of Meditation! In this series, we will break down the history of meditation, discus how it can be used in your everyday life, and practice several different styles of meditation so…

Free Summer Workshops

| workshops | 2 Comments

FREE Summer Workshops! Join us on Sunday, August 27th at 1pm for a Free Class on Essential Oils The first part of the workshop you will learn more about adding Essential Oils to your self-care layers by decreasing stress, lowering anxiety, and promoting overall relaxation….

Farm Yoga At Freedom Food Farm This Saturday

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Relaxation Works and Freedom Food Farm are collaborating to bring you Farm Yoga this Saturday Morning, it brings back memories of our Yoga On The River series we did in our Taunton office just last summer.  Get the details here and do something different this…