Personal Assistant Career in Raynham MA

Are you ready to take your abilities that have helped you and your family grow to the next level!  You organize a sports schedule like nobody’s business and your closets are on point!  When it comes to meal prep you already have the sharpie out and ready to label.  Your spreadsheets are filled with bright colors, are in order of importance and there is even a column to check off when something is done.  You may have a slight obsession with office supplies so you are a regular at the local big box office supply store (you can tell other customers what isle the sticky notes are in).  Your innate ability to see the fine details and shift quickly causes your friends to see double, they just can’t keep up with you but that’s ok because you love how you are and it keeps everything in alignment in your world.  Your kind and understanding attitude helps you maintain friendships and enjoy the small and big victories with them, you get excited when they win at life and it should be celebrated! You are a quick study, you see things in patterns and after a while you can predict what is needed before asked. Drama is not in your vocabulary, it’s too draining for you any way, you are on a mission to get things done.

Did you and I just become biz-soul-mates?  I understand you and I need you!

I am a busy small business owner looking for my biz-mate that can compliment my big vision ideas with their detailed orientated process by completing tasks in a timely manner, has a positive attitude, can go with the flow and be available to do a multitude of tasks. Although weekly tasks are always on the list, there will be special projects from time to time.  My business is in the realm of self improvement so attitude is everything!  We are expanding, growing and refining along the way. Working hours can be fluid, must work independently and be available to communicate via text.

Tasks needed:
Run errands, making appointments for dog grooming (including pick up/drop off), car detailing, organizing my office space with filing and such (I’m not detail oriented but you are!), light cleaning of indoor and outdoor space, picking up groceries, light landscaping, light office work, making phone calls, data entry work, pulling reports for bi-monthly meetings, communicating with our internal team when it comes to keeping me on task.  This is a long term part time position.

Let’s Go!

Copy/past these questions below with your answers attached to the questions and email me at  There is no right or wrong answer here, being you is the goal!

  1. Have you been a personal assistant before?  If so, describe your previous experience as a personal assistant? (Did you work on special projects, offer day to day tasks, follow your employer around all day taking notes, work independently and provide reports?)
  2. In your opinion, what is the best way to deliver information that a task has been completed or updated?
    1. I would have a mutual understanding with my employer that the work would just be done correctly, there is no reason to check up on my work because I always do it right.
    2. I would have a checklist of sorts and present it when asked for it.
    3. I would send a text after each task was completed.
  3. What do you think would be your favorite components of your work as a personal assistant? What comes easy and natural to you that all your friends and family can’t understand why you love it so much.
  4. What do you think are your least favorite components of being a personal assistant? Essentially I need to know where you will need more support and/or what tasks are not the right fit for you.
  5. What sets you apart from other personal assistants in the strengths and weaknesses department? Share an example of a time that you shined at your job/family life and where you needed to make improvements.
  6. If you walked into a mess of a closet where things were thrown about what is your initial reaction:
    1. Yay! I can’t wait to get my hands on everything.
    2. Nope! Close that door there are more important things to get done, no one sees that anyway.
    3. This seems overwhelming, but I can do it.
  7. It’s been a busy day, you have been working on a special project all day which has left you little time to do the rest of the tasks on your list, one of those which was to pick up the groceries. You are wiped out and need to get home. How do you handle the situation and tell your employer that her groceries didn’t get delivered?
  8. It’s fall season and the cooler weather is coming. Ahh fall! There are 3 pots of old dying colorless flowers in front of you. What is your next step to make those pots look their best?
    1. Call the person who is supposed to fill them, I know to stay in my lane and this isn’t my lane.
    2. I love plants, I know exactly which colors will work best and I’m going to get those pots filled.
    3. Spray Paint works wonders, a little dab’ll do ya.
    4. Plants aren’t my thing, but I know a great greenhouse than can help me makes these beautiful.
  9. You just received your tasks list for the week, if you could receive it in the most perfect of ways what would that look like?
    1. In a coffee shop, I like to see my employer face to face so I can ask questions and help her with anything she may have missed.
    2. Via email or text listing all tasks/events in order of importance. I like tasks listed specifically so I can deliver my best work.
    3. Via email or text with bullet points. I’m good at deciphering what tasks need to be done when, I’ll ask questions when needed.
  10. I work best when:
    1. I can fit tasks into my personal schedule, I can get everything done but I’d rather have the freedom of time. I’m a hard worker and I don’t want to be tied down to a time schedule.
    2. I have a set schedule each week during a specific time frame.
  11. Multitasking is:
    1. Where I shine.
    2. Overwhelming.


I look forward to working together!

Kris Sparks

Owner/ Creative Director