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Submit your PMC 2012 rider tips for beginners


PMClunch 300x224 Submit your PMC 2012 rider tips for beginners

Feeding all the riders and volunteers!

This will be my 5th year volunteering as a massage therapist at the PMC at Mass Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA and I can’t tell you how excited I am A G A I N!  This year I am taking a big gulp (very big gulp) and collecting training tips for an awesome, super exciting blog post where real riders give real tips that really work!  Please send me your #1 (or two or three) tip that has helped you train, go farther in your training or brought you inspiration to even take a leap in faith and raise money to train and ride.  Inspire those that have thought about riding and give them some amazing kick butt advice that has gotten you through the ride itself or weeks leading up to the ride.  As a massage therapist I know that the day for me is long and takes me 48 hours to recover from all the massaging that is done that day.  I have tips for massage therapist but since I do not ride, I need YOU to give me some great insight to the riding world.  If you have a riding blog please include that link, I will post that with your tip. 

Tweetable!  I just submitted my top tip for riding in the PMC, go and submit yours too!  #PMCRiderTips

Practical tips are need just as much as inspirational tips.  Your tips help bring awareness to cancer and the efforts being made to find a cure.


Here are a few idea:

How do you stay focused, pain free and hydrated?

pmc 300x300 Submit your PMC 2012 rider tips for beginners

Bike Riders for Pan Mass Challenge

Does having a team help make the ride easier?

What drives you to ride?

How do you inspire your team to keep going?

Picture 31 Submit your PMC 2012 rider tips for beginners




The form below is sent directly to me, lets get some great tips going!  You have until August 30th 2012 to submit your top riding tips.

sIGNATURE Submit your PMC 2012 rider tips for beginners


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The massage area filled with eager massage therapists.

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