Customized Therapeutic Massage

At Relaxation Works we specialize in low back and neck pain, stress reduction and pregnancy massage. Our goal is to improve your mobility in your daily life. Chronic pain disorders are addressed with slow strokes, trigger point work and deep pressure while rhythmic Thai massage decrease stress levels. Our treatments fuse together just the right amount of relaxation with therapeutic deep pressure to address those aches and pains.  You leave feeling like you are on cloud 9!

A note about pressure and meeting expectations…

Not all massages are created equal. Often when we ask our clients “Have you ever had a massage experience you didn’t enjoy before?”.  The feedback we receive is that “the pressure was not deep enough”, “pressure was too light”, “the room was cold, “the therapists talked during the entire massage” and so on.  Which all boils down to a lack of communication and expectations not being met.

Our signature intake process addresses those issues.  We tailor the session to your needs, so we ask about pressure before, during and after the session.  It’s important that you enjoy your experience at Relaxation Works.  Before your massage session begins the therapist will create a wellness path for your time together.  This way the expectation is clear.  It’s a proven system that has awarded us hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Whole Health Massage

30 Minute $50
60 Minute $75
75 Minute $90
90 Minute $110
2 Hours $150
60 Minute Pregnancy / Postpartum Massage $75 (Click here to schedule)
60 Minute Couples Massage $160
75 Minute Couples Massage $190
90 Minute Couples Massage $230
30 Minute Reflexology + 60 Minute Massage $110
30 Minute Reflexology + 90 Minute Massage $160.00
60 Minute Reflexology $75.00
Our clients love Relaxation Works, see what they have to say!


As certified prenatal massage therapists we understand the challenges that can come with a growing belly.  Comfort on the massage table is important. Our unique pillow system goes beyond your typical massage table and is know for its versatility. Comfort is a priority at Relaxation Works as well as being properly trained.

When it comes to pregnancy massage our highly trained massage therapists are specifically certified in prenatal massage which brings you the trust and value you are looking for.  When you schedule your pregnancy or postpartum massage online do so knowing your prenatal massage therapist is ready to support you during your pregnancy.

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Add on’s are prices just right for those already receiving a treatment at Relaxation Works, so go ahead and schedule online now and see what add-on’s are available for you!


Mini Facial (massage)

Our Mini Facial (massage) are 30 minutes.  It’s a great options for those on the go and are ready to take their skincare tot he next level.  (no extractions)

20 Minute Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing that many have describes as transcendent.

Hot Stones and Towels

Our most popular add-on!  Hot stones and steamed hot towels bring together your treatment, a true luxury for a great price.

Steamed Aromatherapy Towels

Ahhhh. Bring in the floral, spice and sinus opening scents.  We add a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oils to a warm steamed towel.  Depending on what outcome you are looking for will determine how your massage therapist or body worker will apply the towel.  Having low back pain, then we may apply the towel to that area.  Suffering from sinuses? We will wrap the towel around your chest and face area.  We also have an aromatherapy massage option that is a step above our steamed aromatherapy towel add-on.

Hand and Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment

Just like the luxury feeling of hot stones and steamed towels, our hand and foot paraffin wax treatment is warm and nourishing to the skin.  This treatment is great in the cooler months when your skin can become dry and cracked.  Our paraffin wax has nourishing oils and an uplifting wintergreen scent that smells divine.


Thai Yoga Massage

In a Thai Yoga Massage treatment the practitioner is stretching you in a combination of yoga postures and traditional massage techniques.  This unique treatment helps to restore natural balance to the body, creating a sense of cleansing, well being and release of tension in the body.  This treatment is done fully clothed, on a mat on the floor.  Please wear comfortable clothing.

60 Minute Thai Massage $75
75 Minute Thai Massage $90
90 Minute Thai Massage $110
2 hours Minute Thai Massage with Peppermint Foot Spa Treatment $149
60 Minute Couples Thai Massage $160
90 Minute Couples Thai Massage $230

We also offer Thai Yoga Massage on the massage table instead of a mat on the floor.  Please contact after scheduling online so we can pair you with a Thai Yoga massage therapist that offers this service.


Foot reflexology is a great massage therapy option for those seeking relief for tired and aching feet.  Restore and refresh sore feet.  We also can accommodate hand reflexology.

Experience a Spa Reflexology treatment that includes hot stones, foot scrub, foot paraffin wax and hot towels by choosing that option from our spa services menu.

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