Monthly Membership

Start today, decrease your low back and neck pain, stress and anxiety!

Massage therapy for pain management is now affordable and convenient. Choose which membership works for your lifestyle. Each treatment at Relaxation Works can include but not limited to heat, hot stones and therapeutic grade essential oils which is all included in the price. membership At Relaxation Works

Why Choose a membership?

Chronic pain disorders, injuries due to repetitive stress or overuse often time require many treatments in the beginning and then taper off to monthly maintenance. Membership programs make these type of situations easier on the wallet and also easier for check-out time. Stress relief is another great benefit of regular massage, this was why I first started seeking massage due to a hectic work schedule and being susceptible to anxiety. Massage is what brought a sense of ease into my life when I needed it most.

How Do I Start?

If you are committed to making your health a priority and are thinking of becoming a bronze, gold, or platinum member, your first step is to schedule your whole health massage, acupuncture treatment, mini facial, or Reiki treatment with one of our wellness healthcare practitioners. At the end of your session you will discuss which option works best as your regular wellness treatment. You are always welcome to switch your monthly regular treatment for another (ie. trading massage for acupuncture) but consistency is the key to a positive change in health.

Wellness Membership Pricing

Bronze (1x a Month)

60 minute treatment $70 ($75)

90 minute treatment $105 ($110)

Gold (2x a Month)

60 minute treatment $67 ($75) Save $16 per month

90 minute treatment $100 ($110) Save $20 per month

Platinum  (3x a Month)

30 minute treatment $40 ($50) Save $30 per month

60 minute treatment $60 ($75) Save $30 per month

90 minute treatment $87 ($110) $Save $69 per month

Remember your membership can be shared with a spouse!
A personal note from Kristen….

kristen Tammaro Sparks“I do not allow new clients that have never received a treatment at Relaxation Works to sign up for the membership on their first appointment with us. It is best to see how you enjoyed your treatment first, assess if the membership is right for you and your lifestyle and then go from there.  Our 6 month contract is solid, so we want to make sure that those that sign up are ready to make the commitment to their health and well-being. It’s just good business.”


Start Today!

$10 off Additional Treatments

This benefit is great for when you want an additional treatment every few months or so either due to increased stress or pain. You receive $10 off the original priced treatment.

$5 Birthday Treatment

During the month of your birthday you will receive a 60 minute massage, facial massage, acupuncture or reiki treatment for only $5! This is in addition to your monthly treatment. Happy Birthday!

Premium Booking

The schedule fills up fast. To make sure you are getting the time and day that works for your life/work schedule we will book your appointments out for the next 6 months. Any appointment can be changed at any time prior to 48 hours before the appointment. Any appointment canceled within the 48 hour range will be charged 50% of the appointment and the appointment will be forfeited.

Share Your Membership With Your Spouse

Each membership can be shared with a spouse or partner. This can be applied to any level of the membership. This is based on the honor system, your spouse or partner must live at the same address as yourself. This also includes parent and child (Lots of moms like to share this with their daughter or son). The child must live at the same address. Start Today!

5% discount

Every member receives 5% discount on all products sold at Relaxation Works. This does not include gift certificates.

Member ONLY Pricing, Specials and Events

Becoming a member means you get more of everything.  We offer discounts on our workshops and classes to our members (typically 15%-25% off!).  We also hold special events for our members and we often offer new and cutting edge services and treatments to our members first.

6 Month Commitment

Your contract states that the monthly membership is a 6 month commitment and if you choose to break the contract prior to the 6 months there is a $100 charge.

Includes All Holistic Services

Each month you can choose to receive a facial, reiki, acupuncture or massage treatment. Your choice! Please make note of that prior to your scheduled appointment.  Plus you can mix it up!  Try something new every month.  Get the lowdown about the 24 hour cancellation policy that is strictly enforced.

$35 Yearly Membership Fee

Your first month you will be charged a $35 membership fee. This is charged once a year there after in the month of January. Remember that your membership can be shared with a spouse.

Start Today!

Full Wellness Membership Options

The great benefit to becoming a member is you can float in between different holistic services like massage, reiki, acupuncture, facials.