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“I first want to say that my experience at Relaxation Works was incredible. I am very new to receiving Reiki and this was only my second session. I felt a noticeable difference after my first time receiving Reiki (at another establishment) which is why I wanted to try it again, it wasn’t until I met Jade that I realized how impersonal my first session was. Jade took her time to make me feel comfortable and also to discuss the session after it was complete. She answered all of my questions and really helped me feel at ease. The fact that you have weekday availability is an added bonus that fits into my somewhat hectic schedule! I will definitely be a repeat customer for Reiki and hope to try out some other services you offer! I have already started telling all of my friends about Relaxation Works!

Thank you so much for an amazing experience and please thank Jade for me as well!” Kerrin 5/26/17
 “I love Jade!  I recently (10 days earlier) was the victim of a car accident. I left my massage feeling like there was a light at the end of my tunnel. She was kind, thoughtful and highly skilled in massage therapy. Thank you!” Sandra 5/17/17
“Great! Loved it at Relaxation Works and Jay was awesome! I will be back!”  Kristin 5/15/17
“I am feeling so much better today and am grateful Andrea could fit me in on short notice.” Jill 5/10/17
“The visit was excellent, Sheina  was very good.  She asked me where I felt discomfort and worked that area to the fullest. I will definitely be coming back for more visits. She was very professional and courteous.  I had an excellent experience at Relaxation Works.  I’m looking forward to the next visit.” Brian H 5/1/17
“The experience was great!!!! Perfect atmosphere, Julie is the nicest, and the bodywork was extremely relaxing. Thank you!!!!” Katherine 4/27/17
Thanks so much, I was very happy with my session, I was very comfortable, I can’t wait to go back.” Lesa 4/25/17
“The BEST massage ever.” Michelle 4/7/17
“Thank you for helping my husband. The massage was, of course, spot on.  Jade always works wonders on the areas he needs the most and his sessions feel like “a weeks long vacation” (I call it the wet noodle affect).  But I cannot begin to describe the transformation I saw in him.  Everything that I hoped he would receive, he did!  His back and arms felt great, but mentally he was glowing.  He said he couldn’t describe it, that he just felt “lighter”.  And I know that he provided the same feedback to Jade after his session but I really must say “thank you” personally.  You all have worked wonders for us but to see my husband smiling and stress free, even if for a day or two, is so damn worth it.  So kudos to you for a stellar experience and thank you all for the hard work you put in.” Jen  4/3/17
“The Restorative Yoga & Reiki workshop was wonderful.  I loved the breathing exercises and found the class to be overall a relaxing experience.” Jen 3/29/17
“We loved our couples massage training class. Jade was great at helping us become comfortable with the new techniques she taught us. We are definitely going to continue to practice!” Jillian 3/23/17
“Angela was great and I’ve already scheduled a time to come back.  Thank you!!” Patty W. 3/20/17
“Thank you to Angela for helping my neck and back feel better. I was a little nervous but she made me feel comfortable. I will be back at the end of March for another visit. ” EJ 3/6/17
“Comfortable? I could visit with you guys all day you have made it such an inviting and welcoming place.
My massage with Jade was great she always listens to where my problem areas are and focuses on them.
Can’t wait til my next visit.” Melody L. 3/6/17
“As always I get nothing but BEST treatment from Jade whether it’s a body scrub or massage she does a FABULOUS job.” Patricia 3/4/17
“I had an excellent experience.  Angela was wonderful. I will definitely be back and recommending to friends.” Karen 2/27/17
“We had a wonderful time on Saturday for our couples massage. The massage therapists are great at what they do, and both were very professional.” Matt 2/27/17
“I had a lovely first experience at Relaxation Works. Jade was very welcoming; she gave me a tour of the spa (which is beautiful), and performed a wonderful Reiki treatment. It was a pleasure to be in her company. I will certainly return for another treatment! Thank you for a great experience; I truly appreciated it!” Rebecca 2/26/17
“I came into my appointment not knowing what to expect.  Upon my arrival I was made to feel welcome and right at home.  Sheina was great going over my medical history, inquiring where my issues were, suggesting meditation music (I had mentioned I’d recently started meditating), and informed me of classes held at the spa.  During the massage she explained what she was going to check in about pressure she was applying.  Sheina was great and I’m looking forward to my March appointment.” Donna Rogers 2/24/17
“Everything was wonderful.  Both my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our facials.  We’ll def be back in the future.” Heather 2/24/17
“As usual, my massage with Sheina was great (which is nothing new because she’s always great).  Since being in my car accident, I’ve been in so much pain, but she has been able to provide a lot of relief.  Plus, she’s always super kind and pleasant (everyone there is!) which always adds to the experience.  Great vibes all around.” Sara F 2/23/17
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our couples massage, we will definitely be back! It was my husband’s first massage ever and it left a good impression. Angela and Jade were both great and made sure we were comfortable the whole time..” Joëlle 2/23/17
“Yesterday’s massage was by far the best massage I had especially on my back. I get very nervous when people touch my back especially after the issues if had and surgeries but I actually feel good today. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. You will be definitely be seeing us again.” – Nancy 1/11/17
As always, I absolutely love my massages with Jade. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had!” – Katie 1/10/17
“My foot reflexology session with Sheina was pure heaven.  I felt Sheina’s energy was 100% focused on the work she was performing, and in terms of subsequent pain relief it significantly helped.  I felt extremely comfortable and totally attended to.  I scheduled another foot reflexology session with her in February.  Thank you so much, Sheina.
I love the new center.  Love the larger session rooms and separate waiting room.” Mel  1/5/17
“Everything was great! I loved the massage, I will definitely be back. Thanks again :)” Kathryn ” – 1/4/17
“Restorative Yoga at Relaxation Works is amazing! I feel so refreshed and balanced afterwards.” Tracy 12/19/16
“Sheina was great. Knowledgeable, friendly  and professional” – Keith 12/23/16
“My massage went excellent. Jade is wonderful! She is always very professional and makes me feel comfortable. I am a dental hygienist for the last three years I have had severe pain in my neck and back. After going twice a month for over six months it has made a huge improvement on my overall health.  I can now play more with my three year old son.  I appreciate all the hard work she has done for me!”  Kim Veloso 12/17/16
“I had a great experience, the teacher was very accommodating and approachable. I’m hoping to come more often to the meditations. Thank you!” – Bernardio 12/14/16
“Great as always. Sheina is fabulous. She is so compassionate about what your needs are. Warm environment. Love it!” – Karalyn 12/3/16
“This was my first massage ever. I found it very relaxing. It was a wonderful experience that I hope to repeat. I found Sheina extremely smart and in tuned with me and my needs. Her knowledge of the body was impressive.  I felt comfortable, warm and cared for.” – Joyce J. 12/3/16
 “Jade is wonderful. She listens to you about your needs and addresses them fully. I am enjoying seeing her twice monthly.” – Mija 12/4/16
Couples Massage Training Class “The appointment could not have gone any better – we both got exactly what we were looking for, and more!” – Shamsah 11/14/16
“My second session w/ Jade yesterday was superb…extremely therapeutic on every level.  Jade has excellent technique, and maintains focus on the areas where I suffer chronic pain.  I was deeply touched that after only meeting me once, she remembered my desire for both an amethyst & a rose quartz beaded bracelet, she set them aside for me, and the office held them for me for an entire month until I purchased them yesterday.  Customer centered focus could not be better.  I am so pleased to be a member of the Relaxation Works community.  I love you all.” – Mel 11/11/16
“Fabulous!! Jade always does an outstanding message. She loosens me up an gets all the knots out and kinks out.  Love Her. Thanks Jade” – Patricia 10/2/16

“I have been going to Kristen for a while. She is always very attentive. Since I have been going to Kristen my back issues have decreased and I have greater flexibility and mobility. I highly recommend Relaxation Works to friends and family.” -Tracey Hixon 8/14/2015

“Great! Andrea is very knowledgeable and informative which helps me, in turn, tell her what I need her to do. Always a great experience.-Morgan Ruthwicz 8/14/2015
“Sheina was very friendly and made the experience comfortable.  I felt like we had known each other for years!  The treatment was top-notch and I’m looking forward to scheduling another appointment.  The body scrub is great!!!!-Amy Lecuyer 4/17/15
“My Restorative Yoga session was so relaxing, and it also gave me some improved range-of-motion. As you know, some recent falls have left my knees very weak, and my balance has been iffy. I could see improvement with movement right away- love this class, and already signed up for the 20th!!-Bettsie Brace 8/10/2015
“Both Ashley and I were very pleased with the massage and facial from Andrea. We both agreed it is probably the best massage we have ever had.  Can’t wait for the next one.”-Claire Infussi 5/4/15
“Sheina was wonderful! I felt great after my massage and my skin looked radiant after my mini facial! I will definitely be back!”-Melissa Teves
“All my appointments have been wonderful, Andrea does a amazing job! –Jessica Gonzalez
“I had, by far, the best massage I have ever had!  Sheina was wonderful, had great technique and was interesting to talk to.  She paid careful attention to my specific wishes and issues and listened when I expressed when something was uncomfortable.  I had such a great experience with her I booked a 90 minute session and am seriously considering a 6 month commitment.  I will most definitely spread the word of my experience. Thank you for making my experience special and totally relaxing!  I slept like a baby last night!-Wendy Miller
“We had a couples massage and everything was great. They were very attentive to out needs and asked questions about our problem areas. Great relaxing setting.”
– Ryan and Michelle F (Ryan Fenn)
“Kristen listened to my concerns and addressed them during our session. I am already feeling relief.”
– Jen Nicol (Jennifer Nicol)
“I have been going to Kristen for over a year! I love the individualized treatments, always providing therapeutic massage to the needed areas. It’s so relaxing, just what my body needs in this stressful world. Thanks Kristen, your the best!!!”
– Candy (Candy Miller)
“Kristen was able to immediately target the source of most of my pain. She asked lots of questions and gave me great advice for home self care. I was in lots of pain, but today it is better. Thank you!!”
– Dianne Martin (Dianne Martin)
“Absolutely A-MAZ-ING massage!!! So completely relaxing!! Just the right amount of pressure to work out all those pesky kinks!!! I would go daily if I could and would recommend Kristen to anyone. Loved it!!”
– Stacy St Laurent (Stacy St Laurent)
“I’ve been going to Kristen for a few years and she is wonderful. She always listens to my concerns and works on whatever needs it on that particular day. Her pressure is perfect and I always get relief. I highly recommend her!”
– Christie M (Christie McQuiggan)


“I can always count on Kristen to deliver a fabulous massage and work out the “abuse” I put upon my body!!!”
– Dr. Margie Downes (Margie Downes)




“Enjoyed the informative, fun class. Surprised at how easy and cost effective it is to go natural!”
– SB (Sonja Britland)


“My husband recently has been going to Kristen after suffering for 2 years with headaches. His quality of life has dramatically I’m improved so he wanted me to see her too. Kristen truly has a gift. She made me feel relaxed as soon as I came in the door. She was gentle with a warm touch and was able to work my problem areas with grace. It’s was more than I expected. Wonderful service and very professional.”
– courtney (Courtney Dos Santos)


“She is great she listened to what I needed and did a great job. I felt so much better after leaving my session with her .I ready made my next appointment. Thanks so much!”
– melissa (Melissa Brown)


“She is amazing so relaxing and calming! Couldn’t ask for a better experience!!”
– Meghan (Meghan Brown)
“Krisen is fantastic! The best massage ever.”
– Noreen Skwarto (Noreen Skwarto)
“Kristen is amazing! After a single hour-long session my lower back pain is completely gone! Highly recommended!”
– Jordyn C (Jordyn Cormier)
“I have had many massages over the years, but, none like the massage Kristen gave me. I was in quite a bit of pain when I arrived and we decided to concentrate on my areas of pain with the massage. Well, I am so impressed by the change in my level of pain I can’t wait to go back. Kristen is very professional and certainly knows what she is doing. Looking forward to my next appointment!”
– Ann Swallow (Ann Swallow)
“As always, my session with Kristen at Relaxation Works was relaxing and AMAZING- I have been struggling with shoulder pain, and she was able to help relieve some of the discomfort, and gave me some great hints on how to help it heal. Can’t wait for my next session with her!”
– Bettsie Brace (Bettsie BRACE)
“I have been getting massages by Kristen for several years now. Her ability to focus on the areas which are really hurting is wonderful! She leaves me feeling more relaxed with less pain.”
– Mija (Mija Almeida)
“I’ve been going to Kristen every month for over a year. The past few months I have been training for the Boston Marathon, and developed very painful quadriceps and knee tendonitis. Kristin listened to my concerns (and panic) and tailored treatments to the injury. Without her treatments I would not feel anywhere near as ready as I am for this marathon! Can’t wait for my appointment after the race! I would (and do) highly recommend Kristen to anyone dealing with pain from the crazy things we do to our bodies, whether training for a marathon or sitting at a desk all day. She will listen to your needs and personalize your experience to suit your needs.”
– Danielle N. (Danielle Novo)



“Kristen is so professional and I have had chronic pain in many areas of my body and after a few massages she use a couple messages that really works well for my pain. I usually like a very deep tissue and the massage cupping really was an awesome action that no one has ever given me. If you like very deep massage and have high tolerance for pain this is the best option to get those deep Knots out.”
– Rebecca Dispoto (Rebecca Dispoto)


“I had many massages with Kristen in the past, and found them very centering and ‘uber’-relaxing! At my most recent session, I experienced how amazing Kristen is with working on an injured shoulder- I had taken a tumble and wrenched my shoulder, and Kristen did some focused work on it- with great results! THANK YOU, Kristen!”– Bettsie (Bettsie Brace)


“loved the massage! love strong hands….cupping was different..did have large circular bruises the next day as expected…sore today but that too is expected…used my thera cane last nite and really like the benefit of it…thanks again. k”– karalyn auclair (Karalyn Auclair)


“This is my 3rd massage with Kristen and I will continue and recommending going to Kristen because she gives a very relaxing massage.”– Donna (Donna Pittsley)


“Kristen is a true professional and very knowledgable in her field. I will return for her services!!”– Barbara Boyd-Kelly (Barbara Boyd-Kelly)


“The prenatal massage was great. I went in thinking that I didn’t have any aches or pains, but somehow discovered spots that needed some work. I left much more relaxed and just wish I’d gone in sooner. Her location was convenient and the space was tranquil and soothing. I would definitely go back for future massages. She was great!”
– Emily (Emily Barbara)


“Thank you so much for the wonderful, relaxing massage and facial. I am never disappointed when I come for my treatments! An added bonus, I sleep like a baby the night after a treatment!”
– Ann Marie (Ann Marie Mills)


“Kristen does amazing work. She really takes the time to listen to what you have to say as well as to your body. She is very professional yet personal. My main area of concern was my neck and she paid special attention to that area and I came away from my appointment with relief of my neck pain that I had been having for two weeks. I will definitely be back. Thank you, Kristen!”
– Judy of Norton, MA (Judy Consentino)


“I have constant aches and pains in my neck and shoulders from carrying heavy equipment as a full time photographer. Kristen always takes the time to listen to what’s been particularly sore and does a phenomenal job of focusing on the trouble areas. I always leave feeling relaxed and my body feels amazing!”
– Jennifer White (Jennifer White)


“After not having a massage for a few months it was SO great to be back in Kristen’s capable hands!! I only wish I had a few more hours on the table to be pampered. Thank you, Kristen!”
– Mija (Mija Almeida)


“After reading the reviews about Kristen, being newly pregnant myself and suffering from back pain I decided to give it a try. Best choice ever. This was honestly one of the best massages I have ever had. She listened to me and what was bothering me. She truly focused on my trouble areas. I will be back without a doubt.”
– Christie G. (Christie Gardner)



“Kristen is the best! I have arthritis in my back and prior to starting monthly sessions with Kristen I dealt with incredible discomfort in simply walking or sitting. With the combination of her use of oils, heat and hands that work wonders I feel fantastic! She has also taught me how to help myself at home to keep the pain at a minimum. Kristen is a professional who truly loves her work and it shows in her hands as they work magic on your body. I recommend Kristen to everyone!”
– Lois (Lois Sacco)


“I made an appointment with Kristen after having respitory problems for 4 weeks. I thought a massage would make me feel a little better. After telling Kristen my problem she knew exactly what would help. With an assortment of special oils and concentration on the affected area, I not only felt better but I could breathe better. Her concern was so genuine that she gave me some of the oil to use at home for my continued healing. Thank You Kristen”
– Dawn (Dawn Dimarzo)
“I’ve been going to Kristin for massages for about 6 months now and she is by far the best masseuse I’ve been to. She really listens to how I’m feeling and her work on my hip has really helped me. I recommend her very highly!”
– Wendy (Wendy Cyr)



“I had an hour and a half massage with Kristen yesterday and I feel so much better! I always leave there feeling so relaxed and refreshed. I have very bad neck/shoulder pain and tension and Kristen works out the kinks so I feel like a million bucks! She is the only person I trust to fix my back issues. She listens to your concerns and really puts the effort in to fix your pain, she really cares about helping you. I like that she is like a good friend, yet still professional. I purchased one of the oils she used on me for stress relief and I use it every night. I can not say enough good things about Kristen and her healing hands, she is the best in this area and you would be silly not to check her out!  So happy I found her!  Thanks for everything Kristen!!” – Sheree P. East Taunton, MA


“I have been on the perfect massage hunt for years! I have even gone to high end spas thinking you get what you pay for, that is so not true! Little did I know there was a hidden treasure that I passed almost every day!  I was online looking to find a quick massage before I left on a trip, I had called everywhere I normally have gone and no one had an opening, that may have been the best thing to happen to me for I found Kristen at Relaxation Works! Honestly the best massage I have ever received! I tell EVERYONE about her because she is phenomenal! I get really bad back and neck pain due to stress and working on my feet as a Bartender/Waitress for up to 12 hours a day and after her massage I was floating on a cloud! No pain at all and even better was that I stayed without pain for a good 3 weeks or so which has never happened anywhere else I have gone. I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. Do yourself a favor and check this place out, you will not regret it and Kristen is the sweetest person ever! She even sent me a Christmas card! Now that is someone who cares for her clients! Booking my next massage right now, and you should too!” – Sheree P. East Taunton, MA


“This was my first time with Kristen but not my first massage and she by far was THE BEST!! The atmosphere welcomed me in right away and made me feel so comfortable. She was very informative of what my experience was going to be like and made me feel very comfortable. The massage itself was FANTASTIC! The little things like hot packs, stones and the towel under my neck were things I’ve never receicved with a massage before and loved it! She spends a lot of time on one area at time which was great, the face and head massage almost put me to sleep! The whole experience was awesome and I left there feeling very relaxed and ready for my day! This is a little out of the way for me but Kristens now my go to girl! Definitly worth the drive! I will be recommending her to everyone as I am to you yelpers!! Thanks so much Kristen.” – Photo of Nancy B.  Nancy B. – Wareham, MA


Best massage I have had in a long time! Kristen is wonderful and I definitely recommend her. Erin M. East Taunton, MA


The best massage I have ever had was by Kristen at Relaxation Works! She is truly talented and sincerely cares about the needs of her clients. I will never go anywhere else… She is better than the best! She is outstanding!! Lauren S. Brookline, MA


I recently purchased the Rhode Deal for a 70 minute massage. While I have had massages before, I did not know what to expect from one I found a great deal on. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the best massage I have ever had! Kristen was very professional and concerned with customizing the massage to me and my trouble areas. Additionally, she paired essential oils for what would benefit me most. I really appreciated the introduction she gave before we started, just letting me know her credentials, what she does, and how she could make the massage best for me. By the time the massage was over, I found myself wondering when I could return for another. It is a long ride from where I live, but it is really worth it. Kristen is really the best, and her office is comfortable and relaxing. Christine G. Newport, RI


I had my first massage with Kristen today. The space was relaxing and peaceful. She was friendly, upfront and made me feel very comfortable. The massage itself was the best I have had. I felt stress and pain free when leaving. I will definitely be back and recommend her to family and friends. Thanks Kristen!

Kerry C. Dighton, MA Photo of Kerry C.


I had my first massage with Kristen about 5 months ago and have been seeing her monthly ever since. It’s been fantastic. I leave there feeling so relaxed. She is great to talk to, so knowledgeable and caring. I am definitely going back! I can’t say enough good things!  She is like the “Muscle Whisperer”  : )  She uses these warm stones, you can’t tell where the stones end and her hands begin, it just melts the knots aways.  Katie L. East Taunton, MA Photo of Katie L.


I have had 2 massages with Kristen.  The first time I was just looking to relax after a very stressful week.  She has a nice small office, very relaxing and uses just the right pressure.  Loved the aromatic essential oils and hot core stones.  I felt very comfortable with her.  She is professional and welcoming.   I went back again last week for low back and leg pain.  She knows what she is doing and got to the root of the problem quickly, again with just the right amount of pressure.   Definitely worth the visit for distressing or for pain management.  Jeanne R. Mansfield, MA


What can I say Kristen did a great job taking care of my very tired back and arms. What I loved about her massages are all the little extras she added to the session like the hot packs, warm core stones on my back. I even had a warm towel under my neck to help with my head ache. Kristen is my go to massage therapist when I am in the Taunton area. Jessica W. West Boylston, MA Photo of Jessica W.



Just received my 1st massage by Kristen and it was amazing, I definitely recommend her!! Alison A. Taunton, MA  Photo of Alison A.

8/14/2011 Terrific 

Kristen did a wonderful job. She used just the right amount of pressure. Super relaxing. Loved the hot stones. I am looking forward to my next visit. Highly recommended! -Tara S.

8/16/2011 Kristen is in the right profession-no doubt! 

She is very informative and patient, allows you to ask many questions. She is extremely knowledgable in the massage field. I loved how she incorporated multiple techniques and really focused on sore areas. I will for sure be a returning client. Kristin Pearson

8/17/2011 Wonderful Experience!