FAQ's: Sugaring wax, an all natural approach to hair removal!

How Long Does my hair need to be to get sugared?

Your hair should be as long as a grain of rice.

Can I shave or trim in between sugaring visits?

It’s tempting but don’t!  Your hair cycle is not always aligned with your sugaring appointments.  If you feel the need to shave or trim, best to book your sugaring appointments closer together.

I want to schedule more than one sugaring service, how do I do that?

We offer combos! Our packaged are our most popular services wrapped up all in one.  Those are listed in our services menu.  Don’t see a combo that works for you?  No problem!  Call us to scheudle that.  When scheduling individual appointments online our system automatically adds cleanup time into the service that may be uneccessary when scheduling multple services at once.

Can I do both a sugaring and facial service in the same visit?

Yes! Unlike traditional wax, sugaring is not contraindicated (not appropriate) for facial services.  Another great reason why we love sugaring!  So schedule your sugaring and facial appointment all in one.  You can call us to do that or schedule online.

How long should I wait in between sugaring visits?

All hair growth cycles are not the same.  3-6 weeks, while 4 weeks is average.

Do men sugar?

Yes!  Men enjoy smooth skin.  Men can get almost every area of the body sugared except the face.  For women removing facial hair is appropriate but we do not recomend it for men.

Can I get sugared while on my period?

Yes.  Make sure you are wearing a tampon.  Skin may be more sensitive around this time of month.