Client Medical History Intake Form *Important*

Click here to print out the form.  (Click on “file” / “Download As”, then choose PDF and print.)

Fill out the form and bring it with you.  Also review our policies page. (Essentially, arrive on time, as we start and end on time.  To avoid a cancellation fee give us 24 hours notice.)

Arrival Time

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  Planning  accordingly will allow you to get the most out of your treatment time.  Every new client needs to fill out a medical history form (Save time and print/fill out this form before you massage session), engage in a conversation about your goals for the treatment and also an exit interview where we will discuss my findings about your health goals.  This whole process takes an extra 20 minutes in addition to your scheduled massage appointment.

PIP Auto Injury & Workman’s Compensation Patients

There a few steps you must do before you make your massage therapy appointment to make your claim a smooth transition during this time of hardship.  Please call the office at 774-226-8651 and mention you were in a car accident and have an auto injury.  We will walk through the process together!  We bill your insurance company directly.  We have worked with many auto injury/workman’s comp patients and understand how to outline a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Common Questions

Why do I have to fill out a medical history form?

This is a legal document that has to be filled out truthfully, signed and dated.  This document is required to maintain my license and also allows me to better understand your goals of your massage treatment.  If you do not fill out the form truthfully and completely, I have the right to refuse you service.

What happens if I am late to my appointment?

I respect your time and the time of my entire client base.  If you do not arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment you will lose out on your treatment time.  I will not adjust my interview/exit process to accommodate your late arrival.  My process has proven successful in maintaining long lasting results for my clients.  I highly value your time and find it unprofessional and poor customer service to offer anything less.

What is the gratuity policy?

Gratuities are warmly accepted.