Why Our Clients Choose Relaxation Works

My massage with my therapist is always PERFECT!  I  LOVE my monthly massages. She always asks if there is a special area that needs attention/bothering me.  She’s catering and thorough. Love her and your business! Everyone is always pleasant and helpful. I always look forward to my next one. – Candy M.

Membership Options For Better Wellness


Experience the transformative power of a monthly facial treatment to enhance your skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity for a rejuvenated and radiant look leaving you feeling revitalized and confident in your own skin.

For $120 each month, you receive:


  • Double cleanse method
  • Facial Massage
  • Exfoliation, steam, extraction
  • High frequency treatment
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • Custom Hydrojelly mask tailored to your specific needs
  • Tone + Moisturize

We use our very own Relaxation Works handcrafted skincare products formulated in spa with all natural potent botanicals and nourishing oils.

Choice of ONE of the following two options:
Revitalizing Lip Scrub  or  Hyaluronic eye patches

Additional benefits:

  • $5 off additional services including massage or facials
  • Membership can be shared with family or a friend
  • 10% off Relaxation Works brand skincare and body care product
  • Premium Booking


  • Complimentary Mini Hot Stones + Massage Cupping With every Treatment ($20 value)
  • Premium Booking
  • 5% Retail Discount
  • Member Only Workshop + Event Benefits
  • Month To Month Commitment
  • Membership can be shared with family or a friend
  • Mix N’ Match Treatment Types. Try a Facial, Massage or Reiki Treatment with our $10 off additional treatment discount.


Canceling monthly membership appointments last minute or mIssing your appointment

Membership appointments are treated just like any other scheduled appointment at Relaxation Works and our 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Missed membership appointments are made up, so you will receive your allotted monthly membership appointments. This is done within the same month of the canceled appointment. 


Do my appointments roll over each month?

No. You are expected to use your monthly credit within 30 days with any service provider available at Relaxation Works.


Is there an annual fee? 

Yes, there is an annual fee of $35 which will be charged on the 1st of the month you joined, then charged annually on your joining month. This is a separate charge from your monthly membership fee. This is non refundable. 



There is a month-to-month commitment to join the membership. Your appointments will be scheduled in intervals of 3-6 months to ensure you get the best day and time that works for your schedule. 


Can my membership be shared?

Yes, you can share your membership with family or friends. Please notify the front desk prior to the appointment.


What add-ons are included in the monthly membership appointments?

A lip scrub, OR hyaluronic acid eye patches are included. Other add-ons can be added for an additional fee that will be paid for at the time of the appointment. This payment is in addition to your monthly recurring payment. 


Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, for 30 days. After 30 days you can resume your membership or cancel your membership. We do not extend this grace period beyond 30 days. Canceling your membership also means that if you want to rejoin you will need to adhere to any current policies and joining fees. 


Change in service provider

Relaxation Works does not guarantee a particular service provider. Your membership contract is with Relaxation Works and not the service provider. If a service provider is no longer employed by Relaxation Works or is unavailable to meet your monthly membership credit, you are required to maintain your membership with an available service provider. If you choose to end your membership contract please refer to our membership cancellation policy.


Canceling your membership

We require a 45 day notice to cancel your membership.  The date starts from the date you notify us via the written cancellation notice. You will be required to pay for your monthly membership within that 45 day time frame, meaning that if your next month’s membership appointment doesn’t fall within the month’s payment you will be asked to move your appointment to accompany the payment. 


Additional appointments, upgrades and/or add-ons

Additional appointments receive $5 off the regular price. Additional appointments do not include add-ons. Additional appointments are paid separately from your monthly recurring payment and can be scheduled out up to two appointments at a time. Upgrading your facial from a Glow to a Zen Lift or Detox is considered the same as an add-on. It will be paid for at the time of service. 


Do membership appointments earn Gratitude Points?

Yes, our loyalty program is available to earn points on paid services at Relaxation Works. 


10% off Relaxation Works skincare and bodycare

You will receive 10% off Relaxation Works skincare and bodycare retail products. Applies to the Relaxation Works brand only. Can not be redeemed for cash.


*Membership exclusively for existing clients—you must have experienced at least one facial with us to ensure a perfect fit.

Mini Hot Stones + Massage Cupping Included In Your Membership ($17 Value)

Monthly Membership Benefits

  • $10 off Additional Treatments

  • Share Your Membership

  • 5% Retail Discount

  • Complimentary Mini Hot Stones + Massage Cupping With every Treatment ($20 value)

  • Premium Booking

  • Member Only Workshop + Event Benefits

  • Month To Month Commitment

  • Mix N’ Match Treatment Types. Try a Relaxation Facial, Massage or Reiki Treatment.  All Included In Your Membership!


Our full list of policies and benefits are found on your contract.

$35 Joining Fee

To cancel your membership please email us at our contact page stating you are canceling your membership.  Please note there is a 45 day notice needed to cancel.