Relaxation Works is an educational based spa.  We are always evolving.  We do this by paying attention to the current medical industry, listing to client feedback and align with the art of holistic therapies.  Our approach is simple, with time and effort results will speak. Through our signature intake process our professional practitioners are able to build a holistic treatment plan for you, this is how we discover your holistic needs and can begin to measure results.  Your wellness path is our priority.  Together, each professional practitioner will make sure you receive the best service that works for your specific condition.  This is Relaxation Works. Blending the art of massage, bodywork, yoga and stress relief.

It’s your time to heal, grow, connect and build a life worth living.  We are passionate about helping you create a space in your life that has a pause in it.  A space where nothing but wellness, joy, harmony and peacefulness lives.  Without restoring your body by reducing stress, the 21st century lifestyle will wreak havoc on your body.  Stress comes in all forms; some louder than others.  A stiff neck, clenched jaw, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, constant worry about the unknown, high blood pressure.  Our services, classes and workshops are build with you in mind, to help you create a space for relaxation, stress relief and pain relief.  This is our mission… To create purposeful pausing.

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We are a passionate group of wellness professionals that help our clients build their wellness journey.  If collaboration in a team team environment is your jam then come and join us at Relaxation Works!

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“To know where you are going you must know where you began.” Relaxation Works was create out of a personal necessity to seek stress relief from the effects of high anxiety.   Through the years, (including my decision to never go back to corporate America and attend school for massage therapy instead in 2004) I’ve learned the importance of self-care, natural living, clear communication, better boundaries in my relationships (personal and professional).  Every piece of the journey is important and that can be difficult to understand as you find your own wellness path.   Relaxation Works is a place where holistic professionals thrive and clients gain clarity on their wellness goals.  Each practitioner is mentored for 12 months by myself, a seasoned massage therapists, natural living enthusiast and communicator seeker.  I lead by our company culture, help therapists build strong boundaries in listening and clear communication with clients.  We will change lives!
This is Relaxation Works.

Wellness + Joy,
Kristen Sparks LMT
Owner / Creative Director