kristen Tammaro SparksKristen Sparks 
Owner / Creative Director and Licensed Massage Therapist

*I am currently not seeing new clients*

What is a massage like at Relaxation Works…
We specialize in concentrated work by fusing together relaxation with the benefits of deep tissue.  All our therapists are mentored by myself for a full 12 months. I encourage our massage therapists to get to the root cause of pain patterns. This usually means concentrated work needs to be done, like spending a full 60 minutes on the low back or just the neck. To some that might sound crazy but to those in pain, they understand and welcome this type of work.  We do not specialize in “fluff” massage (our clients words not mine). We work with clients that are either avoiding, on their way or prolonging surgery.  Relaxation is HIGHLY underrated and we are ready to help you incorporate stress reduction into their self care routine.  We don’t care how long you have been avoiding your pain problem, we only care that our time together is effective and you get out of pain quickly. Many of our massage treatments at Relaxation Works tend to be deep in nature but never painful. We want you to walk out of our door different than how you walked in. We strive to create the best treatments for our clients based on their needs, so every treatment is different. Stress, headaches, low back or neck and shoulder pain can be persistent and down right P A I N F U L when not taken care of correctly. It only takes ONE choice to start your path of pain relief in the right direction.

“The point is that in your life, unless you make specific time for something that you feel committed to, you will always have other obligations and you will always be too busy.”- Dalai Lama

What are you most proud of?
The ability to change my life’s story. For a very long time I thought that change was for other people and I felt very stuck. I knew growing into my own was possible but I didn’t realize it was going to be this good. From my marriage to my business I am always looking to be able to stay in the moment and enjoy every aspect that life brings my way. I no longer worry about what might happen and now stay in the moment of what is happening.

What makes you feel free?
The ocean. The sound of the waves and the breeze makes my mind shut off and a sense of stillness that is undeniable.

What is your #1 wellness tip for someone looking to change their life but doesn’t know where to start?
Listen to your intuition. Your body knows what it needs before the advice or judgment of others, your wallet, magazines or the news. Truly connect with your inner wisdom and wellness will come.

Kristen attended the elite Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester MA in 2006, where she received a complete education in a two year program (822+ hours). Her extensive training and continuing education has provided her with the benefit of having a vast knowledge of many pathologies, muscular issues, autoimmune diseases and emotional/behavioral disorders.

I have had many massages over the years, but, none like the massage Kristen gave me. I was in quite a bit of pain when I arrived and we decided to concentrate on my areas of pain with the massage. Well, I am so impressed by the change in my level of pain I can’t wait to go back. Kristen is very professional and certainly knows what she is doing. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Ann Swallow

I have been going to Kristen for over a year! I love the individualized treatments, always providing therapeutic massage to the needed areas. It’s so relaxing, just what my body needs in this stressful world. Thanks Kristen, your the best!

Candy Miller

I’ve been going to Kristen for a few years and she is wonderful. She always listens to my concerns and works on whatever needs it on that particular day. Her pressure is perfect and I always get relief. I highly recommend her!

Christie M

My husband recently has been going to Kristen after suffering for 2 years with headaches. His quality of life has dramatically improved so he wanted me to see her too. Kristen truly has a gift. She made me feel relaxed as soon as I came in the door. She was gentle with a warm touch and was able to work my problem areas with grace. It’s was more than I expected. Wonderful service and very professional.

Courtney Dos Santos

I’ve been going to Kristen every month for over a year. The past few months I have been training for the Boston Marathon, and developed very painful quadriceps and knee tendonitis. Kristin listened to my concerns (and panic) and tailored treatments to the injury. Without her treatments I would not feel anywhere near as ready as I am for this marathon! Can’t wait for my appointment after the race! I would (and do) highly recommend Kristen to anyone dealing with pain from the crazy things we do to our bodies, whether training for a marathon or sitting at a desk all day. She will listen to your needs and personalize your experience to suit your needs.

Danielle Novo

Kristen does amazing work. She really takes the time to listen to what you have to say as well as to your body. She is very professional yet personal. My main area of concern was my neck and she paid special attention to that area and I came away from my appointment with relief of my neck pain that I had been having for two weeks. I will definitely be back. Thank you, Kristen!

Judy Consentino
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Professional Continuing Education and Volunteer Work


  • NERC – Multi Modality Approach to Sports Injuries and Pain Management with Michael McGillicuddy (certification)
  • ERMI – Emergency Massage (certification), chair massage for emergency responders (fire fighters, police officers, EMT and caregivers) following a disaster
  • PMC (Pan Mass Challenge) Volunteer Bourne MA
  • AMTA Mentor Program
  • Committee member for AMTA Kickstart Program
  • Bristol County ARC – Taunton MA
  • Bristol County Community Center – Taunton MA




2008 & 2007

  • 5K for Children, Sponsored by Childrens Friends & Services – Providence, RI
  • Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC) – Cape Cod, MA
  • 5K for Children, Sponsored by Children’s Friends & Services – Providence, RI
  • Facial Massage (Certification) – Worcester, MA

2004 - 2006

  • 5K for Children, Sponsored by Children’s Friends & Services – Providence, RI
  • RIVASC 2ND annual Golf Tournament – Kingstown, RI
  • Shriner’s Organization 13th Annual Lobster Bake – Taunton, MA
  • Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC) – Cape Cod, MA
  • 5K race sponsored by the Central Mass Striders – Worcester, MA