What can happen in 20, 10 or 5 minutes?

The answer is A LOT!   Research have shown that the brain begins to recharge within 2-4 minutes.  Massage is part of wellness, and wellness is a part of life. Let Relaxation Works Massage help your employees reach their potential.

Imagine the brain and body flawlessly working towards a synergistic understanding, now imagine this is YOUR EMPLOYEE STANDARD.  Happy, healthy employees are more likely to be creative and engaging in a positive work environment.   When your employees are rested and relaxed they are now ready to get business done!  Create a sense of wellness, unity and liveliness about your company.

Relaxation Works Massage offers a comprehensive on-site wellness solution for loyal hardworking employees.  Help them become one step closer to a healthier body and mind by offering relaxation and stress relief.  Keep your employees in a competitive, creative and efficient environment with massage therapy.  Not only does massage feel good but it makes your employees feel good about the work they do.  Invite your employees to take part in physical and mental wellness.


Relaxation Works Massage can schedule licensed mobile massage therapists for your corporate event weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Keep your employees feeling good and they will provide you with high productivity and an upbeat attitude.

Have a one time event that needs a splash of eye catching marketing?  we can do that too.  Massage creates a buzz about your brand.  It shows you have your ear and eyes on the pulse of what is going on now.

Corporate employee wellness solutions are available in various payment options, specifically tailored to YOUR needs:

  • Employee-supported: Employees pay for their massages out of pocket.
  • Company-supported: The company pays 100%.
  • Split pay: The company and individual employees split the cost.
Lets get started by offering your employees the much needed stress relief.  Contact Kristen at 774-226-8651 or send an email to relaxationworksspa [at] yahoo [dot] com.