This Is Your Year For Self Care!

Our 2018 Wellness Workshop and Yoga Schedule is Here!  Our workshop team, (yup there is a team of us) sat down and asked “what do our clients want?”. THE RESULTS ARE IN and this is the year you want to say yes to YOU!  I posted on our Instagram stories “If you can’t find a few hour in a month for yourself then it’s time for an honest conversation with the people around you.”  THat communication slash boundaries discussion is for another day, but int he end

Back to our meeting.

When we combined all our feedback from each one of you, the answers were overwhelming.  You wanted more time for yourself, you have heard of many of the holistic therapist that we as practitioners know so well but you had questions on which ones do what things.  And in the end what really is a chakra anyway?!  Even those that didn’t know what chakras were you wanted to know how to balance emotions with self care rituals through yoga, meditation and reiki.  You wanted to find out ways to decrease stress and make those efforts last longer than the class you just attended.  That’s why this year its all about crystals, essential oils and chakras.  When you attend any one of our specialty classes you will build your knowledge base in all three of these areas.

Want a hard copy of our schedule, sounds good! Email us at with your name and address and we will get that out to you.  You can always save the photo to your phone and sign up to receive reminders of each class here.