Affordable massage for chronic low back pain

Pain relief is something that doesn’t come easy for most people.  On their own, it is nearly impossible which leads them to seek out prescription medication, physical therapy and even surgery.

These options are effective, do their job and are mostly covered by health insurance for the short term…but then what?  What do you do if you are waking in pain every day and your low back feels like a 70 year old and you are only 38?  How do you handle this type of pain on a consistent basis?  How are you supposed to work, play with your kids or even stand for 2 hours at your favorite patriots football game if you are in pain the entire time?

Massage membership Taunton MA

My commitment to finding alternative solutions to chronic neck and back pain stems from years of witnessing how chronic low back pain can literally change a person at the core.  Sometimes you feel like you are drifting away from everyone because you constantly have to sit out on family vacations or leave early at family BBQ because the pain is just too much.

This sweet spot between every day pain and on your way to prescription medication or surgery is where I shine the best.

For the last 3 years I have specialized in chronic low back and neck pain, getting my clients results that last and better yet keep the prescription drugs and surgery at bay.  Every clients situation is unique and I am not a doctor.  What I have experienced with the hundreds of low back pain cases is this…the issue is usually muscular, structural or fascia (connective tissue) related and your situation can be improved to a manageable level naturally.  I have crafted a signature system that gets many of my clients results in one single 60 minute session faster than any other massage treatment they have received.  All while being fully relaxed and receiving the stress relief benefit as well.

Simply the BEST
“This was one of the best massages I have had and I’ve had several at Relaxation Works. Kristen was so professional and knowledgeable. Today we tried cupping. Totally a terrific experience, and it’s still working, 5 days later!!” – Bob Schweitzer


“Kristen gave me the massage of a lifetime! I have had hundreds of massages over the years and this massage rates at the top of my list as one of my best massages in a long time. Kristen applies the exact amount of pressure to the areas in need so that I was completely relaxed the entire hour and walked out of the office feeling great. I would not hesitate to refer anybody looking for a massage to Kristen” – Marie L.


Attention to detail

“I have had many, many massages over 30 plus years with different business and massage therapists.  Kris’s pays the right amount of attention to the areas of my body that are in pain and always explains steps I can do to reduce the pain.  She is a very thorough, engaged massage therapist, who has extensive knowledge on what works.” – H. H.

I have been offering a monthly massage membership for the last 2 1/2 years by providing affordable quality massage therapy.  Yes I want you to receive the benefits of pain relief on a regular basis because chronic pain is my area of expertise and what I have learned with chronic pain is that if not taken care of consistently it will always come back in some form.  The monthly massage membership program allows you to put your pain relief on autopilot and get to the root of your pain problem then maintaining your muscular health.

Until November 2013 any new massage member client will receive 3 30 minute gift certificates to give to any friend that has never been to Relaxation Works Massage.

Go ahead and book your appointment online now and in the notes tell me you are interested in signing up for the membership program.  We will take care of that at your first appointment, easy peasy!

Learn more about what the membership offers you in the video below.

See you at your next appointment!

– Kristen









Update 7/22/13 – The 50% offer in the video has already expired.

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