Reflexology Foot Treatment

We Now Offer Reflexology and Foot Spa Treatments!

Did you know that the human foot has twenty six bones, thirty three joints, and over a hundred muscles and ligaments? All those little bones and muscles support your entire body and everything you do every day! From running errands around town, jetting to far off lands (that’s where I wish my feet would take me!) and getting your “run” on, your feet can develop tension and tightness, and can become very sore after a long day. Those achy feet deserve a massage!

Reflexology treatments apply pressure to specific points of the feet, which not only benefit the muscles of the feet but can also benefit other body systems, like digestion.

2-230 Minute Reflexology + 60 Minute Whole Health Massage


This 90 minute treatment combines the benefits of reflexology and body massage.  As always, your Whole Health Massage treatments are customized to your needs.

60 Minute Reflexology


60 minutes of foot reflexology and leg work.


1-275 Minute Spa Reflexology


What an incredible treatment!
Experience a 45 minute foot reflexology treatment, followed by a lower leg and foot scrub, foot paraffin wax, hot stones and hot towels. A true spa experience everyone should have.

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