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Pain is unique.  It presents itself in physical and emotional ways.  Today we are going to focus on the physical ways pain effects us.  It can travel from one area to another without notice and can make you double over in hysterics.  Pain is in our body to do one thing and one thing only: Tell us that THERE IS A PROBLEM.  Pain medication is a blocker of the neurons in the brains saying to you “Nothing is wrong, sit back relax and keep doing what you have been doing over and over again.”  While that will clear your body of it’s pain for a short while (a few hours or even a day or so), the problem is still there, existing as an invisible wizards cape.

I see the human body as an onion.  There are layers upon layers of investigative work to be done.  There are muscles located deep in the body that are typical “team players” when it comes to pain.  Since I focus mainly on low back and neck pain I have quite a bit of experience finding out who these team players are.  The quadratus lumborum (QL) in particular is responsible for giving you your gate when you walk.  It also the muscle that is responsible when you throw your back shoveling snow or simply picking up a piece of paper.

Many of my clients that come in to see me are often at their wits end with the pain they are dealing with.  Knee pain due to running, low back and shoulder pain from sitting all day at a computer or tingling down the legs from standing all day (even with those cool clog shoes that nurses wear).  My biggest concern is getting them out the door in the first session in less pain.  I strive for that and hit the mark 98% of the time.  I have only had a handful of clients in the last 6 years or so tell me that they feel the same as when they walked in.

My system for getting you out of pain quicker and more effectively consists of using therapeutic hot packs, pain reliving massage techniques and the use of core stones.  I work very slowly, waiting for your body to respond to what I am doing and then move on to a different area.  I also push the envelope with pressure while moving very slowly.   Work the area that is causing you pain is done for the entire treatment time.  This customized detailed type of work is what provides you with relief so you can go about your day and begin to see relief immediately.

Are you in pain?  If you have tried medication, cortisone shots, stability joint braces, ice, heat, intense rest and even surgical appointments for your pain then I welcome you to book your appointment with me.  I ask that you try these natural pain relieving techniques for at least 3 appointments then reassess your next plan of action.  At Relaxation Works your massage treatments are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Book on-line now here.  I am excited for you to start feeling better and get back out there in a big way!

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