Seeking Change Through Responsibility

Oprah Take Responsibility I was chatting with a friend last night about what Oprah is talking about in this video.
LOVE this message! Oprah isn’t the first to acknowledge where responsibility begins and ends but she tells the story well! When I started on my journey of self discovery in my life and business, boundaries and responsibility is where I needed the most improvement. I had my lines crossed and would take on other peoples “stuff” as my own – thus ignoring my own journey of health, wealth and happiness. It felt good to help people. I felt loved, nourished, and believed I was doing a good thing; but when you help so much that you have nothing left for yourself the vicious cycle begins and it can be hard to get out of. Especially when the people around you want you to stay stuck in the cycle because they are benefitting from it. Your loved ones will do this without even knowing it so it really isn’t their fault. But it’s your responsibility to notice it and find a solution.

While navigating through the uncertainty of her 20s, Oprah took responsibility for herself and others after coming to terms with one remarkable thing.

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For change to happen it’s important to reach out to those that have done it better before you, learn from masters of their art and most importantly learn from yourself. You yourself are the best teacher of life lessons. Perfection is overrated so don’t ever beat yourself up for not doing enough or not being good enough. Perfectionism is routed in FEAR.
This very understanding of Life Lessons is why at Relaxation Works Wellness Center we provide workshops, classes and services that help you nourish your soul, body and spirit. Learn from our masters! Here are our upcoming workshops and classes. We also have sources, created and brought you over 75 NEW RETAIL products that will help you on your journey. We look forward to seeing you at your appointment and to be a part of your journey.
Wellness + Joy, Kristen

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3/12/16 1pm-3pm Vision Board Workshop: 2 hours $35 (Member price $30)
Find clarity & take your life to the next level with this one simple tool. We provide scissors, magazines, poster board, markers and glitter 🙂 If you take one step towards your dreams, your dreams always take multiple steps towards you. This class is for anyone looking for change in their life, purpose or direction. It’s your starting point to finding out what you want out of life.

4/2/16 Saturday 4pm-6pm Facial Spa Night $15
Our chemical free all natural Facial Spa Box’s roll out the first week in April. We are so excited to offer our specially formulated system to help keep your skin glowing 🙂 We will be holding our first ever Facial Spa Night. RSVP now, don’t miss out as space is limited. – Learn how to read labels and the top 5 ingredients to stay away from.
-What’s inside commercially produced products and what you can do to protect yourself now.
– Experience your own Natural Facial with our signature Facial Spa Box products.
– Enter to WIN a Facial Massage treatment.
Be ready to leave with glowing, clean and nourished skin.

4/9/16 Natural Ways To Treat Anxiety 1pm-3pm $129 /$109 (member price)
From acupressure and breathing techniques to gemstones and essential oils this class offers a holistic and natural approach to relieving symptoms of anxiety and panic. Whether anxiety is new to you or deal with it on a daily basis we have natural solutions to help. You will go home with healing stones, essential oils, worksheets and more.
5/21/16 Free Movie Night! “Stress: Portrait Of A Killer” by National Geographic.
Over the last three decades, science has been advancing our understanding of stress – how it impacts our bodies and how our social standing can make us more or less susceptible.

Other workshop & classes we offer throughout the year! Get on our VIP list and get instant notification of dates and times (including special pricing) at
Date TBD Adult Coloring Class For Stress Relief: 3 hours $25 (Member price $20)
Come and enjoy a 90 minute zenful experience with this adults coloring class in an relaxing, stress free environment. Improve your concentration, increase creativity and be with others just like you that want to zen out! Coloring supplies will be provided with light refreshments.

Date TBD Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Class: 90 minutes $40 (Member price $35)
In this class you will learn to make bath bombs from scratch. Using all natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils. You will go home with your bath bombs that you make.

Date TBD Green Smoothie Workshop: 90 minutes $33 (member Price $25)
Ever wonder what the Green Smoothie revolution is all about? Join Kristen as she takes you through 3 recipes, all yummy and good for you. No artificial sweeteners needed here! Did you know that all green smoothies are not green! Learn why as well as which blenders work best, the difference between juicing and smoothies, how to make these good for you smoothies on a budget and practical tips and tricks.

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