The Coronavirus and Our Spas Cleaning Protocol

The Coronavirus and Our Spas Cleaning Protocol

With the World Health Organization advisory put in place due to the #coronavirus we want to share with you our disinfectant protocol.
All this should go without saying but it’s important to highlight our standards during the coronavirus outbreak.

– All relaxation works staff is required to wash their hand’s first thing in the reception area sink before moving to other areas of the spa.
– Face cradle hardware is disinfected between clients.
– All treatment rooms are sprayed with disinfectant between clients.
– Door handles are wiped with a disinfectant between clients.
– A new set of linens are used for each client.
– All modalities that require products to touch a client (hot stones etc.) are washed and disinfected properly.

We are held to an ethical and state-mandated set of protocols when it comes to serving the public and ensuring the health of our clients and our staff.

These are our regular day to day hygiene protocols that help to keep our spa healthy and ready to serve the public.

We do not serve clients that are sick. We take your health and the health of our staff very seriously.

We are sending you good health and positive vibes to all of you! Stay well.
Kristen Sparks
Owner / Creative Director
Relaxation Works

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