The Taunton Daily Gazette featured Relaxation Works Massage

Did you see the article in the local south shore newspaper (The Taunton Daily Gazette)  in the last couple of weeks?   Relaxation Works Massage and Wellness made it in the newspaper for the very first time, woohoo!  Check out the picture of the article and enjoy reading about some key points you may not have known about Relaxation Works Massage and Wellness.  Like how I started Relaxation Works with ONLY 5 CLIENTS and now currently have over 300!

If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for a pain management expert then call me at 774-226-8651 so we can discuss a wellness plan for you.  I specialize in low back  and neck injuries and other chronic pain disorders.  I will consult with your doctor (with your permission of coarse) and be a part of your healthcare team, I am an advocate for your health and well being.  Do you have a general health and wellness question for me?  Maybe perhaps a family member or loved one in your life is experiencing physical pain or discomfort but you can’t figure out what it can be?   Contact me here so I can address your question in a timely manor and ask my contact list of experts.  I do not diagnose or treat but rather, I am a facilitator of information.  PLUS I provide an amazing experience and quality massage therapy session that is tailored to YOUR needs.  Contact me today!


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