#togetherwerise Masks for Healthcare Workers Campaign

RW fam! I am looking for anyone that can sew masks. I’m offering $2 a mask in the form of a Relaxation Works gift certificate. These masks will be donated to our local hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Make 10 masks get a $20 gift certificate. Thank you for supporting the cause of our great healthcare workers. #togetherwerise

All masks will be washed before donated. Please email us at clientcare@relaxation-works.com with the subject line “masks”.  You will be providing the supplies of fabric yourself.  There are other options please read below.

As we charter these unknown times its important to unite in any way possible that is safer and helpful. This IS the time to band together!

Here is a guideline to acceptable masks: https://www.owensborohealth.org/…/fabric-surgical-masks-in…/


Her Legacy Lives On

My mom was a nurse her whole life.  She was an avid sewer.  She could look at the most detailed intricate piece and know how to construct it without a pattern within a day.  She was a master.

She passed away from cancer in 2008 and she had LOTS of fabric.  All folded squarely just like they do in the fabric stores.  Color-coded and patter-coded.  Maybe that’s why I can find a crooked picture a mile away.  At the time of her passing, we had donated over 45 black trash bags full of fabric to MassArt in Boston.  Her fabric has been donated to various places over the years.  We still have some of it in storage and I’m offering that to anyone who can use it in making the masks in accordance with the link above.

I’m sure there are some cooky and crazy patterns in there that I can’t wait to look at and remember her soul. There will be some of her fabric that is not approved for making masks.  If it speaks to you please take it for personal use.
Thank you for uniting with Relaxation Works to help our hard-working healthcare providers.

Kris Sparks
Owner / Creative Director
Relaxation Works



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