Weekly Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong Classes

Welcome to Relaxation Works 2018 Yoga Schedule!  Don’t forget to check out our Workshop + Classes page to see what else we have up our sleeve! Yoga on The Farm starts July 14th! Schedule online below or call 774-226-8946.

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All yoga classes can be modified to adjust to your level of experience.

Chakra Balancing For Complete HealthChakra Balancing For Complete Health

There are 7 main chakras or energy centers of the body that need to be in balance for us to feel our best physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chakras become blocked or imbalanced by negative thoughts, belief patterns, emotions, trauma, and stress. Many times we don’t know a chakra is blocked until physical symptoms are present. Once you start having physical symptoms, the chakra has been blocked for some time.  Learn what you can do to unblock your chakras and open your mind, body and spirit to achieving complete health.

Qigong For HealthQigong For Your Health

This 4 week series is focused on learning the Ancient Art of Qi Gong Dates: 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26 7pm Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. We will explore this and more in this 4 week series. $30 per person for the entire series Please wear comfortable clothing.


Yoga SutrasYoga Sutra’s Workshop

Ever wanted to learn more about the Philosophy behind Yoga? Curious about deepening your practice on a more meditative level?
The Yoga Sutras form the basis of classical yoga. They provide the philosophy behind any yoga practice. Study of the Sutras helps to deepen your personal yoga practice and brings a greater understanding to the founding principles of yoga.  You are welcome to bring any copy of the Sutras you own. Or simple come join in the discussion as we explore the deeper meaning of Yoga.  All are Welcome!

Hatha yogahatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a total health system that balances the body, mind, and spirit. Each class will include postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to help promote healing from within. This class works well for all levels. No Yoga experience required.


Breath Of Yoga

This class will be focusing on the different types of Yogic breathing that is practiced. Experiencing these breathing exercises will deepen your own yoga practice as well as give you the tools need to pause, take a breath, and enter a deepened state of relaxation.


Yoga and Reiki In Taunton

Reiki & Restorative Yoga Workshop

This class is designed to use the benefits of both Reiki and Restorative Yoga to relieve pain and stress, promote healing from within, balance your energy, and deepen relaxation.


weekly-meditationWeekly Meditation

*Newly Updated*  Adding meditation to your wellness self-care plan is a great way to start your meditation practice.  If you are new to meditation this class is a great introduction of how to build your practice of meditation.  Meditation can be a tricky self-care practice to learn if your like most of us and have a hard time concentrating.  If you are seasoned we invite you to come and practice with us.


Introduction To Meditation

Join us in this Four Week Series to explore the wonders of Meditation! In this series, we will break down the history of meditation, discus how it can be used in your everyday life, and practice several different styles of meditation so that you can discover what works best for you in your busy life. Adding regular meditation practice to your self-care will calm the mind, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and relieve tension throughout the entire body. Please wear comfortable clothing. 


Restorative Yoga WorkshopRestorative Yoga Taunton 2

This form of yoga consists of supported poses that lead to deep relaxation throughout the body. By relaxing deeply into each of the poses you reduce stress, increase digestion, lower blood pressure, improve sleep & restore the body deep from within. No yoga experience is necessary. Participants need to bring: Yoga Mat, Pillows, Blanket.


Yoga For Chronic Painchronic pain yoga

This is Relaxation Works signature yoga class that serves our chronic pain clients.  This unique class uses a chair for stabilization during poses.  Chronic knee, low back and hip pain often deters people from practicing yoga; this class resolves those issues.  The class includes both chair and mat but many of our clients do not use the mat at all.  It’s your practice and your yoga teacher will show you alternatives to any of your chronic pain issues.  It’s a wonderful class!

prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga (Pregnancy Yoga)

**Prenatal Yoga can be offered at all our weekly Hatha Yoga classes, just let your instructor know before class.**  Prenatal yoga is a designed to build strength and flexibility, reduce stress and tension, increase energy, and improve overall relaxation. A variety of breathing techniques are also used to promote calmness and focus to help reduce the shortness of breath that can occur during pregnancy. These techniques are often used to help ease labor and delivery. Prenatal Yoga can be practice throughout an entire pregnancy.