Yoga For The Grounded Soul

By February 21, 2018 Yoga

Emotions are beautiful, but sometimes they can feel like a whirlwind. It’s very hard not to be swept away. Yoga can be a powerful tool to combat feeling lost and disconnected. Breathe and positive movement can help reconnect you back to the present.

I discovered yoga when I was around 20 years old. Some of my family members had been going to classes, so a moment came when my sister and I decided to try out a class. I instantly loved yoga. It made me feel “alive.” I continued practicing off and on, whether in classes or at home. I never really gave it much thought, but looking back on it now, I see that I always fell back onto my yoga practice. Through any changes in my life, once the dust settled, I was able to settle myself…..simply by finding myself back on my mat. Find what yoga can offer you. Whether it’s subtle or life changing, let it be yours.

What does feeling grounded mean to you?
Feeling steady, stable, and secure or content and satisfied are great ways to describe being grounded. I find my mind a lot less scattered when I take the time to center myself, take my head out of the clouds, and be grounded. Once grounded, we all are able to improve our focus and ability to concentrate more powerfully on what our goals, dreams and even simple daily tasks may be. But more importantly, we focus on our well-being.

Taking the time to ease your mind and settle your emotions are key to moving confidently forward. This coming spring season is a wonderful time to remind ourselves of renewal and rebirth and that we must root down so that we can grow strong. Take time to pause, take time to find that connection, and find what peace and calming offers you.

Join us Thursday March 8th from 6pm for Yoga for the Grounded Soul.
This 90 minute class will include a centering meditation, diffused essential oils, and a flow focused on settling emotions and stress that can get out of hand.

Yoga passes are not applied to this class.

– Angela


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