17 reasons to get a massage in October


  1. The weather is getting colder and the massage table is heated.
  2. The kids are back in full swing at school.
  3. There is warm herbal tea waiting for you at the end of your treatment.
  4. Your body may need some increased circulation, especially if you are sensitive to the cooler months.
  5. your low back and neck needs some TLC due to all the gutter cleaning you will be doing.
  6. You have suffered through the entire month with plantar fasciiatis and it is now time to deal with it.
  7. You are pregnant!
  8. It’s time to do a girls day with your bestie.
  9. Your hands need some much deserved care and attention after all the clean up you did in the garden.
  10. October means the paraffin wax is all warmed up and ready to go.
  11. There are heated neck pillows waiting for you as soon as your head hits the massage table.
  12. The flannel sheets make their way to the front of the linen closet.
  13. The hand soap in the bathroom usually has an apple or pumpkin scent to it.
  14. It’s finally time to take your stressed out job and kick it’s effects it does on your body to the curb.
  15. The reception area usually has some sort of pumpkin or coffee bread waiting for you to sneak a slice after your massage.
  16. October birthdays usually call for massage gift certificates to be had.
  17. October is national health awareness month, so lets get healthy with massage!

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