Guest post: Acupuncture for back and neck pain

Acupuncture Therapy: An Effective Treatment Option for Low Back Pain and Whiplash Injuries

One of the most common conditions that patients seek acupuncture treatment for in my office is low back pain whether it stems from a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis or a muscle strain. There is a saying in Traditional Chinese medicine, “wherever there is pain, there is no free flow.” Acupuncture remedies both acute and chronic low back pain by freeing the flow of blood and energy that can get stuck in the body causing pain. In an acute condition needles may only need to be placed at distal positions on the hand, ankle and knee. With chronic conditions, needles may also be placed on the back at specific areas of pain to release muscle tension, reduce inflammation and improve energy flow and circulation. Acupuncture treatment for low back pain, or any pain condition, can be included as a complementary therapy alongside massage therapy, chiropractic care and physical therapy.

Acupuncture is also an effective treatment option for whiplash injuries. This therapy can not only help with the neck pain and stiffness of a whiplash injury, but it can also address its accompanying symptoms such as headache, shoulder pain and stiffness, dizziness, fatigue, depression and irritability. Soft tissue surrounding the cervical spine is traumatized as a result of a whiplash injury. An acupuncture treatment works to release muscle tension, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the strained area to promote healing without having to resort to medication. Far-infrared heat lamps placed over the injured area can also improve micro circulation and diminish inflammation of the traumatized tissue.

In considering acupuncture treatment for their own physical or emotional condition, one of the most common questions patients frequently ask about acupuncture is whether or not it hurts. It is understandable that the use of needles can give people pause in seeking out treatment because when it comes to the use of needles in a medical setting, people often think of hypodermic needles that are used to give an inoculation or to draw blood. These needles can be quite painful as they are stiff, thick and hollow. Acupuncture needles however are quite different from these needles as they are very fine, thin and flexible, like a piece of hair, and they are only inserted a few millimeters into the skin. Patients are therefore surprised and happy to learn and experience acupuncture as a pain free and relaxing therapy.

If you have questions about acupuncture or whether it is a treatment option that is right for you, please contact me at 617-794-4835.

Yours in health,

Leslie Murphy, Lic.Ac.


Leslie Murphy, Lic.Ac. is the owner of Balanced Health Acupuncture in Middleboro, MA. Leslie came to practice acupuncture after having suffered from a chronic pain condition which was alleviated by acupuncture, without the need for surgery. It is her passion for this therapy and her empathy towards others in pain and discomfort that drives her practice each and every day.   To learn more about acupuncture or how it can help you, visit or call 617-794-4835.

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