5 Relaxation Mantras for Stressed Out Nurses

Growing up my mother was a prison nurse.

She would tell stories of all kinds but especially her general frustration with the health care system and extreme stress her and her co-workers were under due to the nature of her work.

I found this to be the case with other nurse clients of mine, one in particular was stressed out during a Couples Massage Class I was teaching.  She had just gotten off her shift and seemed frazzled, and rightfully so.

I had her try out these mantra’s at her next shift and she told me that she didn’t think it was going to work but surprisingly it did!

Nurses save lives, are caregivers and have lots of stress!

I’m excited to share these mantra’s with you.

Positive Manta’s to De-stress Nurses

Negative thought: I can’t do anything with this situation.
Positive mantra: I will always try my best to help the situation and my best is good enough.

Negative thought: I’ll never make it to the end of my shift.
Positive mantra: At this very moment I am OK, and time brings about change.

Negative thought: I can’t stand  the way I look today.
Positive mantra: My character, thoughts and personal touch is perceived as bigger and better than anything else I have to offer.  Just me alone makes this world better.

Negative thought: I’m nervous about dealing with this patient.
Positive mantra: I am knowledgeable in my bedside manner and my character will shine through.  All I have to do is breath deeply and relax.  I got this!

Negative thought: This is too challenging and I can’t handle it.
Positive mantra: The world isn’t perfect, I got through the day yesterday and I will do the same today and tomorrow.  This too shall pass.

One of the best ideas that was ever given to me was to start a success journal.  Every day I write down 5 successes I have had for that day, even if it was choosing the salad over the cheeseburger at lunch.  It doesn’t matter how small or big the success is.

Maybe you are trying to work on dealing with a difficult co-worker and today is when you chose to ignore her rather than put her in her place.   It’s amazing to see how your mind shifts into thinking a more positive, upbeat way.

Grab some stress free tips on the go

Got an iphone?  Try the  iStress app for only  $0.99.  It is a great reminder when you are trying to manage your stress.

Exercise is the stress free livin’ in a bottle.   Get your body movin’ and shakin’ by trying salsa dance lessons or get zen with a good long walk on the beach.

Did you enjoy these mantras?  What do you do to ward off stress?   I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below the number one way you relieve stress while at your nursing job.   I look forward to commenting back to you.

But now I want you to do something for me.

Do you know a stressed out nurse that may need these mantras?  Maybe it’s your own mom, a friend or a colleague? Send them the link to this post.  🙂

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