Hot Tip For Sciatic Pain

sciaticaSciatica is one of the most common complaints that spill into our office doors. During your massage treatment we address sciatica with low back and glute work, Thai massage stretches done on the table as well as some manipulation of the lower ankle and foot. All within your 60 minute treatment. Our goal is to stretch the fascia that is holding onto that sciatic nerve which is compressing and aggravating it.
HOT TIP: Sciatic nerve pain can travel down both legs. When inflamed you can feel the pain travel through your gluts, down the back of your leg and into the middle of your calf. If the pain radiates down to your ankle and foot that is NOT sciatic pain. The sciatic nerve ends mid calf, about the area where you would get a charlie horse.

We send you home with at home stretches to help alleviate your pain while you are in between massage treatments.
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– Kristen Sparks

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