How to treat vertigo while receiving a massage

Vertigo is when you can’t see straight and your head starts to spin and you begin to get light headed. I have a few clients that get vertigo while laying on the table.  Check out these easy remedies we do here at Relaxation Works to help with that.

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Remedy #1– Use towels
By using a small towel rolled up under your head often times this alleviates the problem.  It’s simple and so easy!  I always have a few extra towels around to either lower or raise my clients head and neck.

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Remedy #2– Switch positions
Side lying position is oftentimes used for pregnancy clients or those that have severe back pain and can not lay on their stomach; but using our oakworks side lying cushion system is also a great alternative to nagging vertigo.  Some clients vertigo acts up only when they turn their head either to the left or the right.  So sometimes during the treatment we have to adjust but that is again simple and easy to do.

Remedy #3– pressure points
There are a few pressure points around the face, eyes and ears that can help with relieve vertigo symptom.  I will typically apply a drop of peppermint essential oil to the massage lotion which seems to help as well.

Remedy #4– medication
Take your medication before your massage appointment.  In certain circumstances your doctor will provide you with a prescription or tell you about an over the counter medication that will alleviate the symptoms.

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