3 Ways To “Heel” Foot Pain

# 1 – Roll a tennis ball under your foot to help stretch the tight fascial ligament that connects from your heel to your big toe.  For reducing inflammation and numbing the area, roll a frozen water bottle under your foot.  Both of these tips work great.

# 2 – There are specific stretches than are very useful for foot pain, especially plantar fasciitis.  Holding your stretch for longer than 20 seconds is key.  Watch the video to see how long and what you should specifically do for self care.

#3 – Throw out your flip flops, just throw them out.  They will not make your condition better.

These simple but extremely useful tips are a great way to provide self care at home in addition to your weekly massage therapy sessions.  Any pain condition that is keeping you from doing your job, taking care of your family or restricting you from daily exercise requires attention and therapy.  I work with many men and women that wake up in pain and go to bed in pain.  Especially those with foot pain because this type of pain typically goes in waves or cycles of feeling good and then being painful. 

It is best to find a massage therapist that is well versed in pain conditions and offering detailed specific work.  You can even ask if your massage therapist uses heat and ice in the massage treatment and offer self care homework after the session.  That is one way to get the most for your money because you will typically be scheduling massage sessions 1-2 a week for a month or two for your foot pain treatment.  You want to receive the best care possible.  We specialize in detailed chronic pain issues, repetitive stress injuries and postural injuries.

Kristen Tammaro-Sparks LMT

Relaxation Works Wellness Center


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