Are you keeping your stressors in check?

Stress can be very personal.  Stress can do weird funky things to your unconscious and conscious mind.  It can show up in physical ways such as a hurting neck or even a migraine headache. There are choices we make daily that stress us out, here are few ways you can make sure your stressors are kept at bay.

Are you easily annoyed?  
Want to increase your coping skills with things that annoy you?  Try this:
Reflect on what is actually going on.  Is it really something that needs to be given such a heavy dose of attention? Start to bring your attention back to yourself, briefly shut your eyes and take 3 to 4 slow deep breaths.

Are you incorporating daily activities that reduce stress for health benefits?
This includes walking, yoga and meditation.  Doing work daily is what keeps us going as well oiled living beings.  it’s better to do a little every other day than nothing at all.  Starting somewhere is where to start.  Sit down with a calendar and plan on incorporating 20 minutes a day for each daily activity.

Are you making healthy swap outs?

  • Try switching a common family practice like regular trips to the ice cream stand with a healthier option such as making this banana ice cream at home.
  • Swap out a weekend BBQ for a weekend workshop retreat for wellness (yoga).
  • Swap out typical dinner celebratory events with a healthy fun event like glow in the dark mini golf, bowling, seeing a local band or playing cards at home.
  • Treating your body with good healthy choices can add up.  Especially if you decide to incorporate and plan for your health like with this massage package.  When you start to incorporate good healthy choices regularly you tend to push out the ones that don’t work well for you.  I did this when I started to convert to not drinking cows milk and almond and coconut milk instead.  I haven’t bought a gallon of milk in over 3 years but I do drink cow’s milk in my dunkin donuts coffee and eat food made with it when I am at a friends home or restaurant.
It’s all about incorporating small healthy changes in your daily life!

What change will you make this week?  Go grab your planner, calendar, Ipad or smart phone and set ONE goal that is attainable and easy to accomplish.  You got this!  Pop on over to my facebook page and let me know what you have done to make a change.  I can’t wait to hear your results!!

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