5 products to help you sleep better

It can be very difficult to be alert during the day if you are tossing and turning at night.  Falling asleep or staying asleep are two major problems with bad sleeping habits.  Below are some products that I use myself or use in the treatment room to make each massage session more comfortable.  Enjoy!


Lavender Essential Oil by Young Living

This lavender essential oil is 100% pure.  It is very important that you use a reputable company that does not use fillers or chemicals in their products.  I personally use these oils in my massage practice and personal life and have had wonderful results with them.


velvet eye pillow

sound machine

Relaxation CD by Artful Touch Music
I love using music by this local NY based massage therapist and musician. I play his music during massages in the office all the time.

hot pack for comfort


We also have all these products available for purchase in the office.

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