What makes the Whole Health Massage Different?

The speed, pressure and client tailored details are what sets the Whole Health Massage apart from any other massage in the Taunton area.   I wanted to veer away from the typical Swedish or deep tissue name.  So here are some key “ingredients” to this fabulous treatment.  Enjoy!


I work very s l o w l y.  There are still lots of research being done about massage and its effect on the body especially regarding fascia (connective tissue within the body).  From the case studies and research I have seen, myofascial release massage has the best effect on the physical body.  In the last 3 years I have drastically changed my sessions to incorporate about 50% of  myofascial work.  All you have to know is that you have a professionally trained massage therapist working on your behalf to help your body feel the best it can.  Pain is real and so is pain relief.


I tend to lead with a heavy hand and do push the envelope with pressure.  Fascia responds to two things, pressure and time.  Typically a muscle responds to any kind of manipulation within 20 seconds.  Fascia, which surrounds the muscles, bones and tendons, takes about 90 seconds to respond to pressure.

Client Tailored Session

Each session is different, each client has specific needs and there is no cookie cutter massage treatment out there.  My hope is that when you step over the threshold of Relaxation Works’s doors that you know you are about to receive a specific treatment that is JUST FOR YOU and no one else.  Some clients require detailed work on specific areas of chronic pain such as the low back; while other clients enjoy incorporating massage into their health regime.

Core Stones

Core stones are a type of hot stone; which are used more as a tool.  The size and design of the stones are what makes them so different and absolutely amazing.  These stones allow me as the therapist to access trigger points found within the muscle and fascia much easier.

Hot Packs

A Hydroculater holds hot packs to a therapeutic 160 degrees.  Adding these hot packs to the treatment allows your body to relax at a deeper level and it just feels good.  Hot packs are not ideal for every client but that will be determined in the interview process before your treatment.  Moist heat temporarily relieves pain symptoms, increases circulation and reduces joint stiffness.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
In the 6 years I have been in the massage therapy field I have come across about 10 client’s that did not like any kind of scents.  Perhaps I attract the type of clients that understand my choice to incorporate oils. My office usually smells like a mojpodge of beautiful oils and I have on hand over 50 oils to pick from.  I base the usage of certain oils by your current medical state either emotionally or physically.  I have been using essential oils for over 12 years and these oils in particular have the best results attached to them.  It’s all about the purity of the oil.


I strive to make  R E L A X A T I O N a priority in every single treatment.  Stress and anxiety is real and in this day and age of go, go, go – relaxation is a viable component to real healing.   Before becoming a therapist I worked in corporate America, had a daily two hour commute, sat all day at a computer and had the stresses of meeting daily goals.  I understand how emotions stress can affect the body physically.


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