Client Question: Fight Anxiety with Pressure Points

Client’s question
Q: “Do you have any recommendations for me to help with my stress.  I am looking for something I can do at home in between my massages.”  Thanks J.D.
A: The holidays are 3 months away and for some of us this is a time that is beyond stressful.  Anxiety and panic are real, it’s not in someones mind.  Often times I find that digestive issues are related to high anxiety and stress, especially around the holiday times or a special project at work. Forward this blog post to everyone you know that may be suffering from anxiety around the holidays. We all know too much stress is bad.  So with that said lets review some great pressure points we can use to decrease these symptoms.
  1. There is a ridge on either side of the bridge of your nose, you should be able to feel this indentation with your index finger or thumb.  Do not use heavy pressure to find this pressure point (pp) as this may be painful.  Hold this pp for 90 seconds and release, do this 4 times.
  2. Press between your index finger and thumb on the opposite hand and hold for 1-2 minutes.  See the video link below.

Below are some great pictures of pressure point used to ease anxiety and headaches.









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