Yoga On The Farm, Peaceful and Tranquil!

By June 13, 2018 Yoga

Join Us for Yoga on The Farm Saturdays from July 14th-September 22nd for outdoor yoga.  It’s a great way to switch up your yoga practice, mind and body.  When we allow ourselves to experience new adventures we change our outlook, expectations and knowledge of what we thought once was or what could be.

Bringing your yoga practice outside also allows your body to strengthen muscles in a whole new way, just as a runner.  they will tell you that running on a treadmill is completely different that running outside on pavement or even a dirt road.  the ground under your feet can make you adjust your stance just that more deeper in the pose.  Allowing for an enhanced yoga practice.  We highly encourage you to add this summer series into your schedule, and you can pick up your veggies after class in the farm store!  They also have fresh milk, cheese and grass fed meat.  We love working with @freedomfoodfarm.

Class is weather permitting and you must bring our own yoga mat and water bottle.

Come and experience the outdoors with the flow of yoga!


Freedom Food Farm
471 Leonard St (4.56 mi)
Raynham, Massachusetts 02767

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