5 Ways To Mindfully Pause With Ease

:::Mindful Pausing:::
Taking a step back from the daily grind and just being. No expectations, no place to go, no need to hurry.

Mindful Pausing Truth #1

Work with your body’s rhythm.  You are by nature, either a morning person or a night person.  Or like me you change with the seasons. Work with that rhythm.   No one likes to be told to do something when it really isn’t convenient for them or their natural habits.  Pause when you feel it is right.

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Mindful Pausing Truth #2

Start slow.  Once a client told me she loved meditating but just couldn’t see herself sitting there for an hour.  Start with 5 minutes of mindful pausing for a week, then 10 minutes the second week and so on.  Stop when you feel you have had enough.

---Mindful Pausing---Taking a step backMindful Pausing Truth #3

Work with your schedule.  Lifestyle can dictate our daily rhythms.  When I worked in corporate America I needed to be up at 5:30 am every morning whether my body wanted to or not.  Practice mindful pausing when your schedule allows for it, but make sure you schedule it in.

Mindful Pausing Truth #4

Have someone else pause your life for you.  Like attending a yoga class, booking a massage or facial.  This is mindful pausing.  Carving out time in your schedule that allows your mind and body to replenish and nourish itself.

Mindful Pausing Truth #5

Use the force of nature.  Water, ocean waves, sunsets, sun rise, coffee on your front porch.  Find a place that you can go to in nature.  You can also purchase a sound machine to help you bring nature into the home.

Life is crazy! at least mine is. Building a thriving marriage, running a successful business, managing staff, loving my fur babies, making time for friends and family, growing on my spiritual journey and being a life long student of life – It can feel overwhelming. There are many things to be done.

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