My Journey Of Expansion And Exciting News About Relaxation Works

My Journey Of Expansion And Exciting News About Relaxation Works

(Want to read about my journey later and see what is going on with Relaxation Works now? Scroll down to “The Big News”)

Change livesMy excitement for what I am pioneering in the Taunton, MA area is indescribable.  When I opened my business in 2010, I was ready for a change in my own life.  I came out of the corporate world where I felt a sense of defeat and entered the world of entrepreneurship from a whole new perspective.

Was it possible to create a space where people began to feel whole?  That was my purpose for creating Relaxation Works.  The name says it all! I knew massage worked for anxiety and stress as I myself began to receive massage on a monthly basis for this very issue, but was it possible to change my perspective on life from a “Negative Nancy” to a “Positive Patsy” by just doing what I loved?  The answer is no.  I had so many other hurdles to cross when it came to changing my life for the better like:

  • Consciously disengaging in gossip
  • Choosing to not watch the local news
  • Stepping away from Facebook and social media on a daily basis
  • Integrating more positive self talk
  • Engaging in uplifting events
  • Removing toxic people from my life
  • Standing up for my belief even if it was unpopular
  • Seeing the world with a loving perspective instead of a skeptical one

Through this process of change I found that I could hear people more clearly.  I felt like I could intuitively connect with them on a level where words did not have to be spoken.  This is how I built my massage therapy practice so fast and with so many loyal clients.  Yes marketing helps. Also having a good business sense is a key ingredient, but truly listening to what the body is saying and listening to my clients physical ailments is what helped me deliver “The Best Massage Ever” every single time.  My sessions began to fuse into 60 minutes of transformational pain relief and mind-melting relaxation.  I was transforming lives…and it was easy!  It was the easiest thing I have ever done in my entire life.  I had never experienced a talent that came to me without effort like that before.

Today in 2015, it is time to expand again. I started sensing this in 2012 when I started having a 4-6 week wait list and was turning clients away.  I knew I should expand my business, but I was scared.  What happens if I am not a good boss?  What if I couldn’t figure things out?  Instead of expanding my massage therapy business, I started a new online business where I taught wellness professionals how to market and grow their business.  I still own that business, but I’ve dialed down my daily social media posts, daily inspiration, and monthly coaching program.  It was not easy growing that business to more than 14 thousand clients in 15 months (a much bigger client base than my massage therapy business). It took a type of daily grind that I was not used to.  At this time in my life I need to see another person across from me because it feeds my soul.

The Big News…

We are expanding to 3 times the size, more services, longer hours, and weekend appointments; not to mention facials, waxing, acupuncture, Reiki and amazing wellness workshops!  The people of Taunton and the surrounding areas need a place to feel good about themselves, increase their health, feel supported, and NEED a place to call home.  I am going to create that for the community.  What we will be offering is something I have not experienced under one roof in the Massachusetts area at all.  I am not spilling the beans just, yet but it is going to be excellent!

One very exciting secret I can share right now is the anticipation of a weekly event called Open Market Saturdays. (We may expand to Sundays so let us know what day works best for you).  This is where from 10am-1pm every Saturday you can come into our wellness center and just be.  Grab a complimentary coffee, tea or bakery item, and simply soak in the zen atmosphere before you head out for the weekend and start the daily grind.  It’s about practicing purposeful pausing and having fun while doing it.  Occasionally we will have free and paid workshops going on, sales on retail, and demonstrations of new spa product.

Taunton is ready for a change and I am excited to pioneer that movement!

Our first Open Market Saturday will be Saturday February 28th which is also our RE-GRAND OPENING WEEKEND! (Saturday 2/28 10am-6pm and Sunday 3/1 noon- 4pm) WOOHOO!  Come and meet our professional practitioners, receive complimentary beverages and food, and pick up your goody bag that only attendees will receive.  Don’t forget to bring a friend and see what we will be doing in 2015.  I can’t wait to see or meet you!

Come on over to my Facebook page and let me know if you are excited to see some changes in the Taunton area!

Love + Success In Health,

Kristen Tammaro-Sparks

Kristen Tammaro Sparks




P.S. – Want to be a vendor at our Open Market Saturdays or want more information about being a part of our growing community?  Get on the VIP list here and receive updates as we grow.

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