Weekly Meditation is here! Clear your mind, open your heart <3.

weekly meditation relaxation works*UPDATE: Meditation Class are now being offered a few times a year, you can also experience a form of meditation called Shavasana at the end of every yoga class.

We are so excited to upgrade our meditation to a weekly basis.  Every Thursday at 7:15pm.

You have been asking for our monthly meditation classes to be offered weekly.  Now with the new move to our Raynham locationWe know that meditation is a crucial part of stress reduction, decreasing brain fog and helps many of you bring clarity to your thoughts and emotions.

I am most excited to see our local college students at Wheaton College (we are 11 minutes away from you 🙂 ) in Norton and Stonehill College in Easton ( 13 mins away guys!) start to use this powerful tool.  Meditation for students is like rocket fuel for the brain.

With the new move to our Raynham office, monthly meditation has now become Weekly Open Meditation! We are so happy to be able to offer a regular weekly practice for new and seasoned meditation practitioners.

Did you purchase a yoga 10 class pack?  Great!  That can be applied to meditation classes.  Just register online and use your online code given to you.

What is Open Meditation?

Open meditation isn’t a structured class on how to meditate. Our instructors believe if you can breathe, you can meditate.

We will start with setting an intention and knowing we are in a safe place to experience complete calm. You’ll be gently guided back to focus throughout the practice, but the purpose of this gathering is that you are surrounded by like-minded people who are just starting their practice or those who are just looking for a calm, quiet place to continue their journey.

Join us to quiet the mind and renew our spirit every Thursday from 7:15pm-8:15pm.

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