Join Us For Four Weeks of Qi Gong

We’re so excited that the warm weather is finally here! You know that the warm weather is here when you get your first ice coffee of the season.

Did you see our post on FaceBook last week what Modern Day Qi (pronounced “chee”) had to say about Qi gong and benefits that this powerful yet simple to learn approach, has to offer with those suffering from jam packed schedules.

Qi gong is a moving meditation which uses breath and movement to focus the mind and tap into our bodies natural healing power. Qi gong is a gentle form of exercise that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  In this four week course, you will learn techniques that you can immediately apply to help offset the stress of your busy schedule. You will learn to merge breath and movement to calm the mind, increase oxygen in the body, and improve memory. This gentle form of movement is often referred to as moving your body in a slow dance which is a great layer to your self care routine.

Register today by putting your information below in the online scheduler.


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